Meet Our Speakers – Julie Gilbert Newrai

Julie Gilbert Newrai is a successful serial entrepreneur who drove new business growth inside large organizations by mobilizing the leadership of previously untapped women. Her innovative movement, WOLF, now enables this kind of empowerment and growth around the world.

How do you relate to our theme, “Women Rising,” in terms of where women are today?

Women must support each other and push open the doors in all facets of life to ensure that our voices are heard, and create quantum growth. If not you, then who will do this? Women dominate the economy as decision-makers for over half of the country’s wealth. However, in terms of the top leadership roles in business, politics, and the media, women are underrepresented. It is time that companies who don’t have women in key positions from the top to the bottom are viewed as having incompetent strategies—because they do.

What is one story that you will be touching on in your TEDxSandHillRdWomen talk that speaks to this vision?

I will share my 10 year old catalytic dream of wolves and how they model for us powerful leadership and unconditional support. It’s time for us to take responsibility to build the leaders of today and support those just beginning to rise so that no woman is left feeling isolated or alone. If we can each hold the responsibility to build up or open a door for one woman each and every day, soon we will have built a community that continues to grow in power.

My story shows how one dream and lots of passion and courage has created a global platform for change with women in over 53 countries innovating in businesses and communities, and creating big futures for themselves. When we become catalysts for change, we inspire every other woman to do the same. Together, we can stand up, grab our passion, creativity and courage, and create the present and the future.

What would you most like attendees to know about you today?

I have an unrelenting passion to ensure that those with the voices of change are heard, valued, and never ever feel inadequate, unworthy, or stray from being 100% included for their ideas and leadership.

What do you hope your audience will take away from your TEDx Talk?

I hope to convey inspiration, and the responsibility to get engaged immediately to create a ripple effect so that many others can be inspired to do the same.

How can people best reach you to continue this conversation? 

I can be reached on Twitter, LinkedIn, and at Wolf Means Business.

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